Oh hi, I'm KC!

I’m a 30 something year old application architect living in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

As most of my friends would tell you, I have quite a few hobbies…let’s just say, I have a bit energy to spread around. Some of my favorite hobbies right now are photography, boardgames, and shocking to me, woodworking (I recently built my own desk!).

Hanalei Valley Lookout
Hanalei Valley Lookout, Hanalei Hawaii

I decided to get into photography because my wife and I have started traveling more, and my brothers and sisters started having kids. I really wanted to be able capture moments in life that years down the road I can sift through these moments, and go “ah, I remember taking that!”. There’s just something about seeing an image you took, that is so much more powerful than seeing an image someone else took.

MobCraft, Milwaukee Wisconsin

You can find me on GitHub, Twitter, and Instagram.